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New Slam Bolt Scrappers Trailer Brings Order to Perceived Chaos

New Slam Bolt Scrappers Trailer Brings Order to Perceived Chaos

We've been keeping an eye on Slam Bolt Scrappers for going on a year now, and we've just received word that the game has officially gone gold - at least, insofar as a digital game needs to go gold. In any case, it's completed, and Boston's Fire Hose Games has released a new trailer to celebrate. “SBS is a mind-meltingly fast game,” said Eitan Glinert, Fire Chief and studio head, “and our last trailer did a great job of capturing that. However, a few people that watched came away all, ‘WTF, mate?’ so we made a quick walkthrough explaining WTF is going on in the game. This video will eliminate all WTFs, not only about our game, but about life, love, and Bieber Fever.” True enough, and given the outrage over Bieber's grammy loss to the Arcade Fire, some sorting out is certainly in order. Hit the jump for the trailer. Read More

kombo Feb 16, 2011 | Comments
Who Wants To Be A Game Tester

Who Wants To Be A Game Tester

…and lives around Boston? Indie devs and darlings of every trade show of 2010, Fire Hose Games, have issued a call to potential fans: they need testers for their upcoming PSN exclusive, Slam Bolt Scrappers. Hit the jump for more info. Read More

kombo Nov 1, 2010 | Comments