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Skullgirls puts players in control of fierce female warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Fighters battle it out for control of a mysterious artifact known as the Skull Heart, which has the power to grant the victor’s wishes. Those judged impure are transformed into the fearful instrument of their twisted wish – a pale and lovely tempest, a beautiful nightmare – the Skullgirl.

Skullgirls Review

I have been looking forwarded to Autumn Games and Reverge Labs’ Skullgirls for some time now.  From early news of the game concept, art concepts, and early videos – I knew this was one 2D fighter I wanted to get my hands on.  After downloading it instantly yesterday, I put a solid 8 hours into it.  Like the many games I’ve looked forward to in the past, I asked myself would Skullgirls live up to my expectations?  I have a horrible tendency for getting excited for games that want only to break my (skull) heart. What was I expecting with Skullgirls?  For a $15 downloadable only title, my expectations were surprisingly high.  Upon first glance, I instantly fell in love with the unique art style.  For me, this stunning art set the... Read Review

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