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Skate 2 News


NHL Slapshot review

The NHL series from Electronic Arts has prided itself on bringing the authentic hockey experience to your living room. NHL 11 proved to be a hardcore Read More

Mike Splechta Sep 27, 2010 | Comments
Skate 3

Skate 3

Skate and Skate 2 were very successful games. Not only did the developers at EA Blackbox enter the niche skating genre, they... Read More

kombo May 10, 2010 | Comments

Skate 3 preview

Becoming Electronic Arts’ little game that could, the Skate franchise is back with their latest installment (and quite possibly last on this genera Read More

GameZone Staff May 3, 2010 | Comments
Bioshock 2 contest makes you go crazy

Bioshock 2 contest makes you go crazy

A new contest was announced today for Bioshock 2 fans. As opposed to tests of skill or simple random chance, to win this contest an entrant must think up the craziest thing possible that can be done in Bioshock 2 and then make a video of it. Crazy in this case does not mean staring at the ceiling while screaming, "Everyone is a robot but me!" No, this is more akin to attaching rockets to splicer's backs and then watching them set a group of their friends on fire. Crazy in the "serial killer" definition of the word. Prize details and some words of wisdom after the break Read More

kombo Apr 29, 2010 | Comments
Playstation's 3D Firmware Update

Playstation's 3D Firmware Update

David Coombes, Sony Platform Research Manager, discussed the upcoming firmware update for the PlayStation 3 that will allow 3D content. He shines light on how 3D will be limited on the system as well as what areas will excel. Coombes also demonstrated multiple features of 3D in tandem with PlayStation Move. Hit the break to read more. Read More

kombo Apr 26, 2010 | Comments