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Sins of a Solar Empire - Trinity takes players through 25 years of warfare beginning with the real-time strategy game that started it all. In Sins of a Solar Empire, the independent Trader Worlds are forced to unite in order to defend themselves from the alien Vasari menace and the return of their exiled brethren, the Advent. The Entrenchment expansion jumps forward 15 years to a time of stalemate between the factions when they fortify the territories they control with powerful starbases, mine fields and advanced defenses. Diplomacy takes the player to the current day, when the constraint toil of war has taken its heavy toll. Some speak of peace, while others see such initiatives as openings to destroy their enemies through subtler means.

Sins of a Solar Empire - Trinity Review

Sins of a Solar Empire is a very special game. It is one of the first games to truly combine the strategy and scope of 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) with the frantic action of a RTS game. The original game was released two years ago, and it won many awards (including an editor's choice award on GameZone) because of its great gameplay. Last year the developers released the first "micro-expansion" entitled Entrenchment, which beefed up the game's defense. Finally the developers at Stardock have released the final micro-expansion called Diplomacy. To make the release even more special they bundled up the game and both expansions into one package and they called it: Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity. Sins of a Solar Empire is classified as a 4X game, but I prefer to... Read Review

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