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Dead Space 2 Trailer Reveals Left 4 Dead Style Multiplayer Dismemberment

Dead Space was one of the surprise masterpieces of the decade, and the sequel has garnered quite a bit of hype. Dead Space 2 is set for release next January, and it will expand on the first game in a number of ways, from larger environments to a talking protagonist and - of course - multiplayer. Dead Space was a solitary experience; even Isaac Clark's allies only served to annoy him and then (spoilers!) get killed. How will multiplayer affect the overall experience? Well, the new trailer, after the jump, may provide a few hints. Now hit it or quit it. Read More


Podcast: Kombo Videogame News Team 5 - Week of August 13th, 2010

This here is the first podcast from the Kombo Videogame News Team 5. Each week we will go over “What We’ve Played in the Last Seven Days,” followed by the big news stories of the week, and then a special third segment which will vary in style from week to week. This week we have on the mic: Jeff Grubb, Pete Davison, Joey Davidson and Brad Hilderbrand. We talk about Kane & Lynch 2, Singularity, Dragon Quest IX, Castlevania HD, NHL 11, Madden 11 and Red Dead Redemption. Then in the big news stories of the week: *Gamescom Announcements - Resistance 3 Announcement trailer - Ratchet and Clank All 4 One - Infamous 2 - Virtua Tennis 4 * lists the 3DS at £199.99 *Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Games - Are we going to trade in our phones? Is this even something Nintendo and/or Apple should be worried about? *Fox News Weighs in on the MoH Controversy - What the hell? When did Fox News start allowing reason on their network? The controversy is one thing, but what do we think about how measured Fox News was in their portrayal it? *Mass Effect 2 to PS3 In the third segment Jeff Grubb talks about how videogames have struggled by being such a varied medium with a very small name. Right click, save target as.    Read More


Weekly Round-Up: 3D Without the Glasses, Two Worlds 2, BioShock Infinite, and So Much More!

This week is full of exciting news, folks. Our own Jeff Grub produced an excellent video that explains just how Nintendo managed to produce 3D effects on the 3DS without the need for dorky glasses. It not only was a huge hit here on our site but was picked up by Kotaku, Joystiq, and pretty much every major blog out there. A big win for us, Jeff, and of course, our readers because that means we're creating the type of content that people across the net appreciate. You, obviously, know we always do, but it's nice to get that extra bit of recognition from the big fish in the pond, no?  Beyond Jeff's video, we have Mike Rougeau's awesome two-part interview with Jake DiGennaro on the upcoming RPG Two Worlds 2, we have reviews of Singularity, Red Dead Redemption's Legends and Killers DLC, and Madden NFL 11. And, of course, we have all the news that's worth covering this week in gaming. (There's this little thing called BioShock Infinite that looks pretty cool.) Hit the jump to catch up on this week's news in a heartbeat with our Weekly Round-Up! Read More


Singularity Review

  Stories based on the premise of time travel often end up needlessly convoluted, and Singularity is no exception. That doesn't make the overall experience any less satisfying, though. Even those averse to paradoxical parambulations shouldn't let the plot stop them from picking this title up; the real meat is in the varied and polished gameplay. For a BioShock clone, Singularity has a ton of original ideas, and even those that are borrowed from other games are executed with finesse. After crash landing on an abandoned Soviet island, Captain Renko - the game's silent-but-deadly protagonist - is unwillingly transported back to 1955, at the height of the facility's experimental research into the newly discovered Element 99. Naturally, Renko screws up history, and when he's promptly hurled back to the future, he discovers that the entire world is now ruled by a communist chancellor. Hit the jump to continue reading. Read More