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Dance Central Screenshot - 811651

Return of the Dance!

With my feet placed firmly on the metallic, several thousand dollar dance mat, I hit “Start” with confidence. The only problem was that this was Read More


Brain Training Kinect: Do Math With Your Arms

Brain Age (or Brain Training, in some regions) is one inexplicable mega hit. Despite the fact that it's not really a game at all, Nintendo's funny little application is one of the main driving forces behind the DS's success in both Japan and the US. The fact that most gamers are indifferent to it doesn't seem mean a thing, since apparently huge numbers of everyday consumers can't resist the urge to "train their brains in minutes a day!" Now Brain Training is coming to Microsoft's Kinect, in Japan, at least. Is there nothing that Nintendo did over five years ago that Microsoft won't try now? Hit the jump to watch the awesome Japanese trailer, complete with pointless brain diagrams and whatnot. Read More



Lay down some phat beats for charity! Play Chime for the children - Literally. Read More


Media: Sony to Release Dignified PlayStation Home Update Tomorrow

When PlayStation Home was first released, some, if not most gamers simply pushed it aside and purely used the PS3 for its gaming supremacy. For quite some time now, a large amount of PlayStation gamers have been looking for a true community upgrade. Requests via Twitter, Facebook, Message Boards, and Chat boxes begged for some new features that are being implemented in the advance. The "new" PlayStation Home comes packed with a variety of new features, including an inevitable option to launch titles directly from the service. Read More


Guitar Hero Boss to Retail: Stop Selling Rival Products Which Don't Sell Through

Michael Sportouch, the European head of the Guitar Hero franchise, has a very simple request for retailers: stop trying to sell rivals' products which don't sell. Speaking with MCV, Sportouch noted that they are the "clear leader" in their category, also noting that "one of our competitors we outsell nine to one, eight to one or seven to one depending on the week." He cites GFK research figures that show they own half of the music category against the likes of SingStar, Wii Music, and Rock Band, but notes "that doesn't mean we are complacent, we still have lots of consumers to attract and educate." Read More