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Experience the horrors of Silent Hill all over again with this collection of Silent Hill 2 and 3, rendered in high-definition for the first time ever. SILENT HILL 2: You are back to the town of Silent Hill as James, a man who lost his wife several years earlier. One day, he receives a letter from his dead wife telling him to come back to Silent Hill, but what he finds there when he returns is nothing short of horrifying. SILENT HILL 3: The series' trademark brand of psychological horror and terrifying gameplay continues. As a teenage girl named Heather, players must explore and unravel the mysterious connection between the god-forsaken town and her inner fears.

Silent Hill HD Collection Review

The Silent Hill series more than likely has a special place in the hearts of survival horror gamers.  I mean, how could it not?  Throughout the years, Konami has produced a stellar number of titles for the series, most of them on the PlayStation 2.  The original still stands out as well, available as a download through the PlayStation Network for those strong enough to brave its spooky waters.  And who could forget Pyramid Head and that crucial rape scene?  Not I.  *shudder* Now Konami is bringing that vibe back – well, a fraction of them anyway – for Silent Hill HD Collection, the latest in the company’s high-definition makeovers.  Following last year’s stellar Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, I was expecting something... Read Review

Silent Hill HD Collection Cheats

Normal Beat the game simply by not killing too many enemies.
Possessed Kill over 100+ enemies. Forgive the person in the church. Take over 2000 points worth of damage.
Revenge (UFO) Get to Heathers apartment killing 30+ enemies with the Heather Beam.
Beam Sabre Kill more enemies by fighting than shooting. This weapon turns into the Sexy Beam when you have the transform costume equipped.
Flamethrower Kill more enemies by shooting than fighting. If you do not get this weapon on your first playthrough, you will get it automatically on your second.
Gold & Silver Pipes Throw your steel pipe into the sewers and answer the three questions as follows: No, No, Yes.
Infinite SMG ammo Defeat the final boss with a melee weapon.
Extreme 2 Mode Complete the game on Extreme Mode
Extreme 3 Mode Complete the game on Extreme 2 Mode
Extreme 4 Mode Complete the game on Extreme 3 Mode
Extreme 5 Mode Complete the game on Extreme 4 Mode
Extreme 6 Mode Complete the game on Extreme 5 Mode
Extreme 7 Mode Complete the game on Extreme 6 Mode
Extreme 8 Mode Complete the game on Extreme 7 Mode
Extreme 9 mode Complete the game on Extreme 8 Mode
Extreme X Mode Complete the game on Extreme 9 Mode
God of Thunder Costume Complete the game on Extreme X Mode
01_03_08_11_12 (Royal Flush shirt) Start Extra New Game on Hard Riddle mode. Clues for the code are written on memos stuck in the bookshelves of the Chapel library.
cockadooodledoo (Golden Rooster shirt) Get a 10 star ranking.
Extra Costume Complete the game once.
Extra New Game Complete the game once.
GangsterGirl (God of Thunder shirt) Complete Extreme Level X (which can be accessed by completing all Action difficulty; easy, normal, hard and extreme level 1-9)
HappyBirthDay (Heather Shirt) Complete game once.
PrincessHeart (Transform costume) Complete Extra New Game.
PutHere2FeelJoy (Block head shirt) Kill less than 10 enemies throughout the entire game.
ShogyouMujou (Transcience shirt) Complete all riddle difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard).
TOUCH_MY_HEART (Don't Touch shirt) Check the fashion magazine found in Women's Locker Room during an Extra New Game.
13eme Rue Suspense
Block head PutHere2FeelJoy
EGM Shirt EGMpretaporter
Game Informer Tank Top gameinformer
GamePro ProTip
Gamereactor SH3_Wrestlarn iaml33t
GMR shirt GMRownzjoo
GN IwannabeaGJ
God of thunder GangsterGirl
Golden Rooster cockadooodledoo
Heather Shirt HappyBirthDay Shirt IGN_pickleboy
Killer rabbit BlueRobbieWin
Official Playstation Magazine costume SH3_OPiuM
Onsen I_Love_You
OPS2 extra_thumbs
Play sLmLdGhSmKfBfH
PSM Tank Top badical
Royal flush 01_03_08_11_12
The light LightToFuture
Transform PrincessHeart
Transience ShogyouMujou
Zipper Shut_your_mouth
Chainsaw When you beat the game, you get a replay option. Go into the replay option and when James is walking down the hill in the very beginning of the game, near the Silent Hill Ranch theres a mysterious pile of logs that appear! Go to it to obtain the chainsaw.
Hyper Spray Beat the game 2 times with the same ending type and on the 3rd time, it's in the motor home on south side.
Book of Crimson Ceremony In the Alternate Lakeside Hotel Reading Room.
Book Of Lost Memories This is in the Newspaper Stand near Texxon gas station.
Chainsaw Complete the game on normal difficulty and puzzle settings, start a new game and look in the logs near the cemetery, the chainsaw is there.
Dog Key Complete with the rebirth ending and the dog key will be in the dog house near Jack's Inn.
Obsidian Goblet On a shelf in the Historical Society.
White Chrism Find the White Chrism vial in the kitchen of apartment 105 in Blue Creek Apartments
Reveal Signs Complete the game with all endings then start new game. All signs will be revealed.


Beat the game using all three Riddle Difficulty settings.

A Time to Kill (15) Defeat Leonard in under 3 minutes.
Adrenaline Junkie (25) Complete SH3 in 3 hours or less.
Blasphemy (15) Defeat God in under 8 minutes.
Coolest. Dad. Ever. (25) Unlock the "UFO" ending.
Eye For an Eye (15) Defeat Missionary in under 2 minutes.
Flame On (40) Acquire the Flamethrower.
Heather's Got a Gun (15) Acquire the Unlimited Submachine Gun.
Hoarder (15) Pick up at least 100 items in SH3.
I'm Normal I Promise (10) Unlock the "Normal" ending.
If Looks Could Kill (25) Unlock the Heather Beam.
It Was All in Your Head (15) Unlock the "Possesed" ending.
Lost Memory (15) Defeat Memory of Alessa in under 3 minutes.
Makes My Head Hurt (30) Complete SH3 with 2 saves or less.
Ninja (20) Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH3.
Pest Control (15) Defeat Split Worm in under 2 minutes.
There's a New Sheriff in Town (40) Acquire the Beam Saber.
They Look like Monsters to You? (15) Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH3.
This Isn't an FPS! (15) Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH3.
Time to Roll the Credits (50) Unlock all Achievements in SH3.
Wall Basher (20) Acquire the Silencer.
What the Hill Just Happened? (40) Acquire the Gold and Silver pipes.
Where's Luna? (25) Equip the "Princess Heart" costume.


Childhood Trauma (10) Defeat Abstract Daddy.
Don't Keep Her Waiting (15) Complete Boat Stage in less than 1 min 20 seconds.
Fountain of Youth (10) Acquire the White Chrism.
Free to Go (10) Unlock the "Leave" ending.
Goodbye (10) Unlock the "In Water" ending.
Hard to Hit (20) Receive less than 500 points of damage in one game, in SH2.
I Don't Need You Anymore (10) Defeat Pyramid Head.
I.Q. Test (30) Complete SH2 on Extra Riddle difficulty.
It All Makes Sense Now (15) Unlock the "Dog" ending.
Keen Eye (15) Find at least 150 items + extra items in SH2.
Keep Your Distance (15) Defeat at least 75 enemies by shooting in SH2.
Light Reading (10) Acquire the book of Crimson Ceremony.
Man's Best Friend (40) Acquire the Dog Key.
Melee Master (15) Defeat at least 75 enemies by fighting in SH2.
Never to be Heard from Again (15) Unlock the "UFO" ending.
Not So Lost Memories (10) Acquire the book of Lost Memories.
Overkill (15) Acquire the Chainsaw.
Playing on the Edge (30) Complete SH2 with 2 saves or less.
Restless Dreams (15) Unlock the "Born from a Wish" ending.
Say Goodbye (15) Defeat Mary.
Say Your Prayers (15) Unlock the "Rebirth" ending.
Second Best (10) Unlock the "Maria" ending.
She Would Be Proud (50) Unlock all Achievements in SH2.
Unholy Grail (20) Acquire the Obsidian Goblet.
Warp Speed (25) Complete SH2 in 3 hours or less.
We're Not Alone (20) Acquire the Blue Gem.
Where's that Letter!? (10) Defeat Flesh Lips.
Who Needs a Gun? (25) Acquire the Green Hyper Spray.