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Do What You Want 'Cause A Pirate Is Free; You Are Captain Blood

As everyone well knows, pirates are free. This means that they do what they want. Yet strangely, nautical adventures—like Westerns—are one of those under-represented genres in gaming. In the past, we've had Sid Meier's Pirates!, a couple of woeful Pirates of the Caribbean games and Skies of Arcadia. Okay, Skies of Arcadia was about flying pirates who ended up saving the world. But they were still pirates. Then there are the Monkey Island games, of course. Though those are more renowned for their comedy rather than their piratical theme. Upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game Captain Blood looks set to bring high-seas adventure home once again. Find out more after the jump. Read More


Sid Meier's Pirates! Docks on Wii This Fall

Sid Meier's Pirates has dropped anchor at several platforms in the past, including the PC, Xbox, and PSP. Now, it looks to plunder the Wii's massive bounty, as 2K China is hard at work at porting the system to the current king console, in collaboration with Sid Meier and his team at Firaxis Games. Apart from new motion controls, the Wii version of the game will feature two new minigames, "bombardment", and "lock picking". As an bonus, expect Wii-exclusive ship parts and customization options, as well as new ways to customize the player character. Now, this is the part where the Wii is mocked for getting a port of a five-year old game, with what will undoubtably be tacked-on motion controls, right? Not this time. Hit the cut to find out why this may very well be one of the best, if unoriginal, games to hit the console this Fall. Read More


Nintendo Releases Second-Half Line-Up of Games

In an interesting twist (I guess, maybe they do this all the time, and I never noticed), Nintendo has released their US game line-up for the second half of 2008 and into 2009... to Europe. Some highlights included on the list are Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Call of Duty World at War, Guitar Hero World Tour, Skate It, Mushroom Men, two Star Wars games, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers, Sonic Unleashed, Ghostbusters, and quite a bit more. Better still, Nintendo says that this is an "incomplete" list, meaning more titles could sneak their way into the lineup. Here's hoping more from the Big N themselves. For the full bill of goods (as it stands), both good and bad, click the jump. Read More


Xbox Originals Conker and Jade Empire: Denied

With the news a few days ago of Black, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Sid Meier's Pirates coming to Xbox Originals, there was a rumor hooked to it that indicated that bad-boy Conker and Jade Empire would be coming along for the ride at some point, too. As it stands, unfortunately, that is not the case. The rumor initially broke out as a result of press materials which crept up on one of Microsoft's FTP websites, sending the whole ball of yarn rolling. Turns out, according to trivia website Kwanzoo's Tom McShea, that they are starting up a video game section, and specifically requested the materials from those two older games for use. And so they were given. Tom also gave readers of Destructoid a "warning" of sorts: "Though Grabbed by the Ghoulies will most likely have images added to their server, this does not indicate that they will ever release this cult hit on XBLA. It just means I wrote trivia for this colossal bomb." Read More


New Xbox Originals Arrive February 11th

Xbox Originals may not reach back into the annals of gaming history as far or as widely as Nintendo's Virtual Console, given the limited lifetime the Xbox brand has seen so far, but it still brings some pretty good titles to the fore. And according to, in less than a week, three new games will arrive for your downloading pleasure: Black, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Sid Meier's Pirates, each one for 1200 Microsoft Points, or about $15 USD. According to IGN, there is a rumor that Conker: Live and Reloaded and Jade Empire are also Xbox Originals-bound: "Artwork for both titles appeared this week on one of Microsoft's press FTPs, leading to speculation that both games were soon to be announced. Microsoft has yet to confirm either title as future Xbox Originals." Read More