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Sid Meier's Civilization V Review

As a history buff that that has been playing the Civilization series since the very beginning, I’m going to just go ahead and say Civilization V: Brave New World fills the remaining void present in Civilization V. Even after Gods and Kings added more civs and faith, trade and culture were still not quite there yet. Brave New World not only adds new content, it fixes the errors... Read Review

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Epic Civ V Walkthrough Is Epic

Epic Civ V Walkthrough Is Epic

Next Tuesday is a big day as it marks the launch of the highly anticipated Civilization V. To get you ready for the event Firaxis has put together a 13 minute video to illustrate the finer points of battle, diplomacy and the all new city-states that will be cropping up and either massively helping or hindering your nation-building. Check out the video and then come on down as we disucss the finer points of ruling the world. Read More

kombo Sep 17, 2010 | Comments