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Sid Meier

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Sid Meier

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In an interesting twist (I guess, maybe they do this all the time, and I never noticed), Nintendo has released their US game line-up for the second half of 2008 and into 2009... to Europe. Some highlights included on the list are Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Call of Duty World at War, Guitar Hero World Tour, Skate It, Mushroom Men, two Star Wars games, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers, Sonic Unleashed, Ghostbusters, and quite a bit more. Better still, Nintendo says that this is an "incomplete" list, meaning more titles could sneak their way into the lineup. Here's hoping more from the Big N themselves. For the full bill of goods (as it stands), both good and bad, click the jump. Read More


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'No Intentions of Turning Our Backs' on Wii, Says Sid Meier

In lieu of the Civilization Revolution demo pioneering its way onto Xbox Live and PSN, I think this story's very appropriate for anyone still wanting that Wii version. Put on hold by Firaxis earlier this year, the Wii edition of Civ Revolution sort of…well sounded like an ideal game for Nintendo's console. Throw in the Wii-mote and it seems like a natural fit into the Wii's library. The series has never been about pushing the boundaries graphically, though that's one of the explanations the developer came up with when trying to explain the delay. Thankfully the project may be still get finished according to Civ-creator Sid Meier himself. "We're still in the process of making decisions on that and will keep you posted," he said to GameDaily. "We certainly think the Wii is a fantastic system and have no intentions of turning our backs on it!" There you have it. I was planning on trying out the demo later tonight, but a Red Ring of Death apparently had its own agenda to attend to. Who's tried it? Think it's a faithful adaption to the PC games? Leave a comment! Read More


Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Delayed to July, Sid Meier Enters Guiness Today

So, today is no doubt full of ups and downs for one Sid Meier. On the upside, 2K Games has reported that he will enter the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2008 as the world's most award-winning developer (Miyamoto was robbed. Had to be). While he is presently at work on his Civilization Revolutions game, his history of awards spans his lengthy career, with the latest coming from the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards in the form of a Lifetime Achievement Award. On the downside, after thanking the critics for their recognition over the years, it was revealed that Civilization Revolutions would in fact be delayed from its planned June 3rd release to July 8th. We're sure he'll get over it. Read More