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Shovel Knight strikes a balance of difficulty and mechanics that makes it the most important homage to the 8-bit generation to date. It combines gameplay elements and style from Mega Man, Castlevania, Ducktales, Zelda II, and Mario 3 into an original premise and story, all slathered in the lessons of several decades of game design. It offers a chance to revisit the days of hardcore, old... Read Review

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Chrono Trigger DS: A Sign that Square Enix is Getting Too Lazy?

Chrono Trigger DS: A Sign that Square Enix is Getting Too Lazy?

The Dark Knight is the worst thing to happen to cinema since Vin Diesel muscled his way into existence. The sky is, in fact, falling. My dog is not the most adorable being ever to weigh 80 pounds. Chrono Trigger DS is a bad thing. Of the above four statements, only one of them might be true. Can you guess which? Yep, that's right. Step on down, Chrono Trigger DS, you harbinger of misfortune, you! After all, you're living, breathing proof that Square Enix is trying its damndest to, well, not give a damn. Allow me to explain. So, Chrono Trigger is great right? I bet you can't wait to jump back into the fray with Frog, Robo, and co. Great fun. But "back" is the operative term here. Haven't you already played and beaten the game – scouring its brightly colored, Dragonball Z character-populated world until no stone was left unturned, no ending left un-unlocked? Read More

kombo Jul 8, 2008 | Comments