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A 4-player co-op run-n-gun action shooter throws you into a tidal wave of degenerate robots with an array of weaponry that would make any shooter enthusiast proud. Players take control of P. Walter Tugnut (The “P” stands for “Pickles”), a hillbilly who stockpiles guns, ammo, and beer in his dilapidated RV awaiting the inevitable robot apocalypse. When the abandoned factory in the distance begins producing robots on its own, Walter sets off in his RV on a robot-killing rampage, hoping to save humanity from an onslaught of robot hordes.

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It’s not too often you see a game inspired by the likes of Metal Slug or Contra that really brings something new to the table.  That’s because developers usually try to channel in the “classic” feeling of the game without implementing any ideas of their own, worried that it’ll change the nature of the game too much.  But leave it to Demiurge Studios to show a little boldness with Shoot Many Robots, a game that combines retro-fitted run-and-gun shooting with the modern day appeal to make it stand out in today’s offerings. Robots have overrun the world, and they’re wreaking havoc on any remaining humans that stand in the way.  This includes P. Walter Tugnut, a survivalist who finds his home compound surrounded by the little... Read Review

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