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Shoot Many Robots Review

It’s not too often you see a game inspired by the likes of Metal Slug or Contra that really brings something new to the table.  That’s because developers usually try to channel in the “classic” feeling of the game without implementing any ideas of their own, worried that it’ll change the nature of the game too much.  But leave it to Demiurge Studios to... Read Review

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Writer Alex Garland An 'Eye-Opener' While Working on Enslaved

Writer Alex Garland An 'Eye-Opener' While Working on Enslaved

Writer Alex Garland has written numerous best-sellers such as The Beach and The Coma. In addition, he has worked with director Danny Boyle frequently, writing the screenplays for 28 Days Later and Sunlight. In addition, Garland wrote the original script for the film adaptation of Halo in 2005. He is an accomplished author and screenwriter, but his latest challenge has been working on Enslaved, the latest game from Ninja Theory, which is due later this year. Read More

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