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  • Available on PC
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Game Summary

Total War is the complete experience of warfare presented in the most realistic way possible through the use of state of the art technology in graphics and AI. You'll need strategic brilliance to manage your campaign, with the training, recruitment and funding of your armies. You'll need cunning to deploy spies and emissaries to outwit your opponents while maintaining a web of alliances. And you'll need tactical brilliance to take your army out onto the battlefield and crush your enemies.

Shogun: Total War Cheats

Cheat Mode

Unlock PC
Enter one of the following codes during the game to activate that cheat. Full map .matteosartori or .daggins Unlimited KoKu .muchkoku. No construction abilities, negative KoKu .conan. Unlimited Army Life .prototypearmy. Copper in all Provinces .ifoundsomecu.


Unlock PC
Your clan has a limited life time. The most powerful clan (in my opinion) is Shimazu clan. Remember, if you use geisha to destroy a faction....just make sure you are allying with them


Unlock PC
Remember that the Yari Ashigaru is nothing more than a motley collection of peasant warriors, poorly armed and thinly protected. As a result, the Yari Ashigaru will often run from battle when confronted by a superior enemy force. The Yari Ashigaru should therefore be positioned along the flanks, hopefully out of harm's way, or stationed towards the rear to protect some of the ranged combat units. Seek an alliance with the Portuguese traders as soon as they make landfall. Their arrival will let you acquire guns for your forces and eventually enable you to build powerful gun factories. It's a good idea to spy on your prospective enemies before attacking them. Send a spy or emissary into an enemy-occupied territory to determine the enemy's overall strength.