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As Shiren, a wandering adventurer with a penchant for exploration, monster-slaying, and item collection, you will trek across a beautiful and varied countryside with your companion, Koppa, a talking ferret. Randomly-generated areas, intense boss battles, extensive item customization, and a cast of intriguing and unpredictable characters translate into one of the most satisfying RPG experiences of the year.

Shiren the Wanderer Review

In a distinct way, Shiren the Wanderer is a blessing in disguise. Normally, the Mystery Dungeon series doesn’t see much limelight outside of Japan. They are often labeled as “hardcore” and too niche for the U.S. audiences, but if Shiren the Wanderer proves anything, it’s that the genre has room for growth in terms of popularity. If you’ve never played a title from the Mystery Dungeon lineup, then be prepared for a sense of traditionalism. Players are tasked to explore a dungeon that is randomly generated. Upon exploring, players encounter enemies that they’ll fight within a turn-based system and are only allowed to escape the dungeons if they find the exit, or through use of a particular item. These ruffians ain’t got nothing on... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Shiren the Wanderer.