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Have you ever wondered how it feels to sail a half-million ton supertanker through the perfect storm or to take on illegal whale hunters in the Antarctic? Feel the rush of serving as a coast guard as you evacuate an island threatened by a volcanic disaster. With missions based on actual events that take place in realistic environments and locations from all over the world, Ship Simulator Extremes has you endure extreme conditions, fight the elements and face all of the challenges associated with being a ship captain.

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Over the past week I have saved people from a burning oil rig, photographed ships dumping oil into the ocean for Greenpeace, and sailed a cruise line to Bora Bora. These are just a few of the scenarios that I experienced in Ship Simulator Extremes.Subtitled “Extremes”, Ship Simulator opts for the route to spice up the simulation genre. Each scenario presented to the player is infused with thrills to help avoid bland sailing and give a sense of purpose behind each mission.Make no mistake however, this is a simulator through and through. Players take full control of engine speed, navigation and must make certain that their ship makes it to port for each mission. The controls are exactly what you would expect from a ship simulation game. The boats are slow and tend to perform huge arcs... Read Review

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