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Left to avenge his Clan after a sinister force is awakened in Tokyo, Hotsuma must confront demons from his past and defend his role as Leader of the Oboro Clan. Drawing off the ancient traditions of Ninja magic, Hotsuma uses wall running, shuriken attacks, and the coveted Akujiki Sword to fight the deadly masked foes that stalk him. With the special Stealth Dash technique, he creates ghost-like apparitions that confuse his enemies. He can then strike with a lightning-quick "Tate" in which his blade moves so fast the victims don't even realize they've been struck until they fall to their death. Magic

Shinobi Cheats

Colour Mode

Unlock PC
Hold down left mouse button while typing 'LARSXViii' to enter the colour mode which is controlled via the numeric keypad.

Music Mode

Unlock PC
Press 'Q' while the game is paused to enter the music mode.

View FMV Sequences

Unlock PC
Press C, X, B, Y, A, Z, Start during the introduction sequence

999 Shurikens

Unlock PC
Highlight the "Shurikens" selection on the options screen. Hold L + R and press C, A, B.

99 Lives

Unlock PC
Highlight the "Game Start" selection, quickly press A, Z, B, Y, C, X, then start the game.

Expert Difficulty

Unlock PC
Highlight the game start selection at the main menu and press A, B, C, B, A, Start. The game will begin with no lives remaining, no continues, and only one HP.
When the shinobi logo appears hold down the letter 'T' and move the mouse to control it.

Infinite Credits

Unlock PC
Pause the game and type 'LARSXViii' for infinite credits.

Real Ninja Magic

Unlock PC
In Shinobi there are guys that duck down behind boxes. There is a easier way to kill them then jumping over boxes. First get the enemy half-way on screen, then face the other direction and shoot toward the opposite side of the screen. If done correctly the enemy will die.

Sound Test

Unlock PC
When the Ninjas apear in the beggining scene press up and button two. You should enter a screen where you can play sound effects and listen to stage music.

Unlimited Credits

Unlock PC
Pause game play and type larsxviii.


Unlock PC
Pause game play, hold the Left Mouse Button and type larsxviii.

Music Test

Unlock PC
Pause game play and press Q.

Level 3

Unlock PC
Pause game play when facing the helicopter Boss with at least two lives remaining. Then, type helicoptertootoughforme, resume game play, and intentionally lose a life.

Level Select

Unlock PC
When the Title Screen with the face is up, hold Down and press Button 2. You will be able to select your mission and scene by rotating the numbers with the d-pad.