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Betrayed by your friend you must battle an ancient and evil clan in this epic reboot of the acclaimed Shinobi series. -Re-experience the classic game play of the original Shinobi titles, with a modern twist. Pattern-based enemies, twitch game play and side-scrolling action all come together with an updated and unique visual 3D style, deeper combat, and all-new challenges. -Defeat enemies with skill and style as you switch between ranged, melee and acrobatic attacks on the fly. And rely on your Ninja magic to get you out of tight spots and give you advantage during intense fights. -With a brand new combo system to master, a host of achievements to unlock and challenge maps to complete, you will want to return again and again to better your score and ranking. Watch recorded replays to help find your weaknesses and perfect your Ninja skills.

Shinobi 3DS Review

Hey, remember when games were hard?  I’m talking about an era where you didn’t have the benefit of unlimited ammunition, and the idea of infinite lives was an iota in someone’s weak side of the brain.  With the exception of Ninja Gaiden, we don’t really get an idea of what that time was like anymore, though leave it to another ninja to bring it oozing back to the surface.  That’s exactly what happens with Shinobi for the Nintendo 3DS. Produced by Griptonite Games and released by the good ol’ development team at Sega, Shinobi delivers exactly what it needs to on the 3DS – plenty of teeth-grinding, difficult action coupled with gorgeous 3D visuals.  The plot is nothing new – Joe Musashi sets forth to slice and... Read Review

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    Shinobi Review (3DS)

    Robert Workman Nov 21, 2011