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Terrible creatures lurk in the dark, preying on those who wander into the hidden hour between one day and the next. As a member of a secret school club, you must wield your inner power--Persona--and protect humanity from impending doom. Will you live to see the light of day?

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Cheats

New Game +

Unlock Playstation Portable
New Game + Clear game once

Ultimate Opponent

Hint Playstation Portable

Ultimate Opponent:

The first step is to full clear Margaret's Request.  The Void Room will be automatically opened at 1/1. Clear the room and Pandora's Door will then open.

Heaven's Door

Hint Playstation Portable

Heaven's Door:

Reach the Top floor (252nd floor) of Tartarus and the defeat the ‘Reaper.’