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The PSP has - despite what some people insist - a seriously impressive library of great titles, especially RPGs. In fact, you could argue that the ha Read More


Atlus Celebrate Success of Demon's Souls and PSP Personas

Atlus must be breaking out the champagne right now. Why? Because many of their major properties are breaking through their sales forecasts. And it's not just happening back home in Japan for them - American localizations are also surpassing expectations. Demon's Souls is the biggest success story, but Atlus have enjoyed success with a number of other properties, too. Find out more after the jump. Read More


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Confirmed for North American Release

Released in 2007, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 was arguably one of the premiere RPGs to launch that year, combining turn-based action with social gameplay, and combining seamlessly with a unique storyline that was very atypical for a game in the genre. Now, it appears the title's recent PSP re-release in Japan will be coming to North America as well, with publisher Atlus confirming a July 6 release date. Streamlined for the portable system, Persona 3 Portable will go above and beyond the PS2 version of the game by adding tons of extra content, such as new cards, quests, jobs, added difficulty levels, and even the option to choose a female protagonist. Choosing a female will completely change the game, giving the player new sets of challenges and social links to choose from. Also, expect all of the content from the game's expansion, Persona 3 FES. Read More


Famitsu Reveals Persona 3 Portable

The latest issue of Famitsu this week revealed a PSP version of Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3. Character designs reveal a new female protagonist among other scant details. Players will be able to choose the gender of their protagonist in the PSP version. A scan shows the apparent heroine of Persona 3 Portable next to never before seen art of Persona 3's original male protagonist. Between the two are male and female versions of the protagonist's persona Orpheus from Persona 3. Another new character revealed looks like what may be a male equivalent to Elizabeth – a character in Persona 3 who handled persona fusions among other things. Major additions and changes will be made to Persona 3's social element. Read More