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Man vs. Wild  - 844278

Man vs Wild Review

Ever wonder what it's like to be stranded in the wild? Thanks to Man vs. Wild, players can now experience how that feels. Based off the Discovery Cha Read More

Dead Island Screenshot - 843902

Dead Island Preview

Ever since a haunting trailer of a little girl running from a pack of zombies hit the net, attention has been focused on Deep Silver’s Dead Island Read More


Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor was inevitable. With the unrivaled success of Modern Warfare it was apparent that other publishers weren't going to let the latest money-printing-fad in first-person shooter games pass them by without taking a crack at it. Medal of Honorattempts to set its self apart as the serious and realistic alternative to the bombastic military-fiction of Activision's games. It is set in the real-world war of Afghanistan and emphasizes a respect for the troops. It isn't entirely successful; the single-player campaign is short and the consequences do not feel as impactful as they were intended to be. On the other end of the disc, the multiplayer is fun, but very familiar. Read More


A Look at PlayStation Move's Third Party Support

Sony's Move was revealed at GDC with some first party offerings. Third party support, apparently, is strong as well. Sony announced some of the companies that have planned support for the system's motion controller. On the list are some recognized names, but what types of games can be expected from the rest? How about a recent track record for the lesser known third party companies involved? This list will take practically days to read, so enjoy it. Read More


Media: Fable III Screens, ViDoc, and Details

Quite a few tidbits about Fable III have come out of Microsoft's X10 conference in San Francisco, including four new screens in our gallery and the following video documentary: Video Games | Fable III | X10: Introducing Fable IIIXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Hard not to notice how they really seem to like that back-stabbing maneuver in the video. More details after the cut. Read More


Infinity Ward Won't Develop On Wii

Infinity Ward yesterday eliminated any possibility of developing games for the Nintendo Wii, which doesn't suit the kinds of experiences they want to make. Infinity Ward also gave some new insight into their mentality developing Modern Warfare 2. Read More


Ocean City Trinity Hosts Mega Man Marathon This Weekend

The Ocean City Trinity has announced that this Friday, November 6th at 7pm EST, they will begin holding a Mega Man marathon in order to raise money for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, "which provides food, shelter, and other basic living needs to the homeless around the Atlantic City area." Those interested in seeing the live stream, available on their website and UStream, can watch as they set out to conquer the first nine Mega Man Classic titles, plus Mega Man & Bass before moving on to the eight core Mega Man X titles. And, if there is time enough left/donations are high enough (which they believe to be likely as of this writing), they will dive into the Mega Man Zero series for the Game Boy Advance. They will no doubt be getting a lot of weapons during that time; will you help them get a lot of donations as well? Read More