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Skate 3 Dated, Final Pro Skater Roster Revealed and More

This years big skateboarding hit shall be heading to your local game shop on May 11th, so get ready to scrape up some cash and pre-order or do whatever it is you do when your favorite franchise game is released every year. It seems Black Box and EA are looking to make Skate a yearly franchise indeed, with the recent failure from Tony Hawk known as Ride it would be stupid for them not to continue dominating the skateboarding genre. With such a gimmicky feeling game and peripheral Tony Hawk was doomed from the start (sorry Tony), making Skate the go-to series for the last few years for skateboarding fans young and old. Talking with one of the Skate developers he mentioned hearing from a few of the pros in their game that Tony Hawk's own son plays Skate instead of his father's games, now that is funny. For the final pro roster and more about the game hit the cut Read More


Nintendo Reveals First- and Third-Party Holiday Lineup

Nintendo has released the planned publishing schedule as it stands for the Wii and Nintendo DS/DSi, from both themselves and their third-parties. A lot of definite dates are not set in, instead referenced as "Fall," "Holiday," or "November," for example, but nonetheless serves to give us an idea of what the coming months will bring. "This extensive lineup will keep players busy throughout the fall and into 2010," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Shoppers know that Nintendo offers fun for everyone in the household." Nintendo also mentions the upcoming black Wii Remote, Nunchuk, and MotionPlus as being available "this holiday season," though they don't get any more specific than that. Hit the jump for the full press release and list of games that will become available. Read More


Ubisoft Announces New Soccer Game for Wii; Pele and Mia Hamm On Board

Soccer legends Pele and Mia Hamm are coming to the Wii, but probably not in the realistic simulation way that you expected. Ubisoft announced today the latest addition to their sports catalog, an arcade soccer game titled Academy of Champions. The game pits Pele and Hamm as the player's mentors in the story driven adventure through a fictional academy, where you ignore your studies and only play soccer. "We made our mark in the sports genre last year with the global success of Shaun White Snowboarding," says Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft. "Now, with Academy of Champions, Ubisoft offers another sports game with a fresh approach that has something unique to offer young gamers and sports fans." Academy of Champions will send the player through the academy to build up their stats and recruit team members as they strive to win the championship from rival academies. Read More


Buy Street Fighter IV at Toys R Us, Get Free Chun Li Statue and Save $25 on Another Game

Nice Chun Li statue, isn't it? According to Cheap Ass Gamer, you can get one of these for free when you buy Street Fighter IV from Toys R Us upon release. Not only that, but you'll save $25 if you buy Call of Duty: World at War, Far Cry 2, Afro Samurai, Shaun White Snowboarding, or 007: Quantum of Solace. Kotaku talks more about the statue here, but before you get your hopes up, I'm quite sure that CAG means that the $10 4" version would be free, not the $100 10" counterpart. Read More


Ubisoft's Games Sell Well, but Calls Prince of Persia "A Slow Starter"

Ubisoft has revealed some of their to-date sales numbers for a few of their latest titles, including Shaun White Snowboarding, Far Cry 2, Rayman: Raving Rabbids TV Party, and Prince of Persia. Shaun White's numbers are particularly impressive, selling 2.3 million copies around the world, making it second only to Mr. John Madden's NFL recycling program in the US. Read More


Ubisoft: Aggressive Third Parties Can be Successful on Wii

"Can third-parties do well on the Wii?" That is the ongoing question; some believe that attempts to get a solid hit on Nintendo's hit platform are destined to be overshadowed by Nintendo themselves; EA sees it as a challenge to be overcome, while Ubisoft believes it's possible, provided publishers a) are releasing software of competitive quality, and b) carefully plan out their release strategies. Read More