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Shaun White Skateboarding News

E3 2010: Shaun White Skateboarding Preview

E3 2010: Shaun White Skateboarding Preview

Ubisoft Montreal's takes a different view at skateboarding games with Shaun White Skateboarding (SWS). SWS not only let's one skateboard and pull off ridiculously cool tricks, but it also has a loose story mode to tie it all together. In addition to over 80 controllable tricks, a new feature also lets players control the path of a grind, or "shape", letting users grind to the sky. It's ok if you are confused, Ubisoft wants it's buyers to be immersed in a twisted reality. Hit the jump to figure out how Shaun White grinds through the air. Read More

kombo Jun 16, 2010 | Comments
Skate 3 Dated, Final Pro Skater Roster Revealed and More

Skate 3 Dated, Final Pro Skater Roster Revealed and More

This years big skateboarding hit shall be heading to your local game shop on May 11th, so get ready to scrape up some cash and pre-order or do whatever it is you do when your favorite franchise game is released every year. It seems Black Box and EA are looking to make Skate a yearly franchise indeed, with the recent failure from Tony Hawk known as Ride it would be stupid for them not to continue dominating the skateboarding genre. With such a gimmicky feeling game and peripheral Tony Hawk was doomed from the start (sorry Tony), making Skate the go-to series for the last few years for skateboarding fans young and old. Talking with one of the Skate developers he mentioned hearing from a few of the pros in their game that Tony Hawk's own son plays Skate instead of his father's games, now that is funny. For the final pro roster and more about the game hit the cut Read More

kombo Mar 18, 2010 | Comments