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FASA Studio, the creative minds behind MechWarrior and Crimson Skies, are back with Shadowrun, the new multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) based on the much-beloved role-playing game (RPG) franchise. Shadowrun propels team-based combat into a new dimension with a revolutionary blend of modern weaponry and ancient magic. Up to 16 players can battle for control of this new world through Xbox 360-to-Windows Vista online compatibility. In Shadowrun players vie for supremacy in a constantly evolving battlefield where advanced technology and ancient magic provide an unprecedented and high-velocity tactical action experience.

Shadowrun Cheats


FASA Gamerpic Crouch up & down on an opponent who has the Shadowrun Fever achievement.
Troll Gamerpic Complete all Training/Tutorials


100 Wins (100) Win 100 games during your Shadowrun career.
3 for the Price of 1 (25) Kill three enemies with one grenade.
Assistant (20) Get a 5:1 damage-to-kill ratio.
BFF (20) Play Public Match in a Party with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.
Blowhard (10) Gust 5 enemies to their deaths.
Brother From Another Mother (20) Perform a cross-platform Resurrection.
Chapter 1 Training (10) Complete Chapter 1 Training.
Chapter 2 Training (10) Complete Chapter 2 Training.
Chapter 3 Training (10) Complete Chapter 3 Training.
Chapter 4 Training (10) Complete Chapter 4 Training.
Chapter 5 Training (10) Complete Chapter 5 Training.
Chapter 6 Training (10) Complete Chapter 6 Training.
Dwarf Player (10) Play as a Dwarf for one hundred games.
Dwarf Scourge (10) Kill one hundred enemy Dwarves.
Elf Bane (10) Kill one hundred enemy Elves.
Elf Player (10) Play as an Elf for one hundred games.
Godlike (25) In a 6vs6 or 8vs8 match kill all of the enemies without being hit and not allowing them to resurrect anyone
Healer (10) Save your allies with the Tree of Life.
Heavy Smoker (10) Ignore a great deal of damage using Smoke.
Human Player (10) Play as a Human for one hundred games.
Lead Hose (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Minigun.
Master Blaster (10) Kill one hundred enemies with the Rocket Launcher.
Master Gardener (25) Kill 5 enemies with Strangle.
Master Ninja (100) Inflict one hundred mortal wounds with the Katana.
Master Thief (25) Deliver the Artifact untouched despite heavy defense.
Mine Is The Superior Platform (50) Kill 100 players on the opposite platform.
Popgun (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Pistol.
Resurrector (10) Bring back one hundred allies from the dead.
Runner (10) Carry the Artifact all the way to the delivery point.
Shadowrun Fever (25) Kill and squat on a player that already has the achievement
Shotty (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Shotgun.
Small World (20) Play Public Match with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.
Sniper (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Sniper Rifle.
Special Delivery (20) Kill one hundred enemies with Grenades.
Street Samurai (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Katana.
Summoner (10) Kill one hundred enemies with your Minions.
Target Lock (10) Kill one hundred enemies with SmartLink active.
Tatter Tatter (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Rifle.
Teleporter (10) Teleport one hundred times.
That Was Close (20) Kill the Artifact carrier less than ten meters from the delivery point, and win the round.
That's One Frustrated Sniper (10) Block ten sniper shots with Wired Reflexes.
Triple rez (10) Resurrect three allies simotaneously
Troll Player (10) Play as a Troll for one hundred games.
Trollhammer (10) Kill one hundred enemy Trolls.
Unstoppable (50) Kill ten enemies in a row without being killed.
Well-Rounded (20) Win a Public Match game as each race.
Well-Traveled (20) Play a Public Match on each map.
Winning Streak (10) Win ten consecutive rounds.
You're Coming With Me (25) Avenge your own death!
Zombie Scores! (20) Deliver the Artifact while bleeding out.
Press A(2), C + Left, B, A, C, Right, Up, Down + Left at the title screen.
Go into the matrix of Ares, Fuchi, Mitsuhama, Lone Star, and Renraku. Go to the datastores of each of the companies and try downloading every one. If the message, "You found something interesting that you downloaded to your notebook" appears, then check your notebook clues for a special message that tells you a random tidbit such as "Nuclear winter in Bismarck, North Dakota due to nuclear reactor meltdown". After the random tidbit it will give you part of a passcode which has nine spaces. After all five special messages are downloaded, the passcode "CHERNOBYL" will be given and you can then enter Chernobyl's dataframe. Download a special message from Chernobyl's datastore and you will receive a special message from Sega, and a message that you saved Redmond Barrens from a nuclear disaster. You will also receive a large sum of NuYen.
Buy a grenade, but do not equip it. Wait until your bullets drop below six, equip the grenade, then equip the gun again. Repeat this action to refill the entire clip.
After getting the Cortex Bomb activated by the street-doc, go to the Monorail Station and go to Old Town Station. Exit the Monorail Station by the door that is straight ahead to end up in a market. Cross the highway and follow the sidewalk down to the right. You will reach another market. Run into the building to your left, since hitmen will be shooting at your character. Ask the secretary about street doc and she will let you into the doc's office. Ask him about the Cortex Bomb and he will defuse it for you. A lot of money is required because the operation is expensive.

Debug Mode

Unlock PC
Press A, B(2), A, C, A, B at the title screen. Begin game play and use the pocket secretary. Select the hidden option below the "Save/Load Game". Multiple debug options may be enabled by enabling an option, saving the game, resetting the Genesis, and repeating this procedure. The debug options are: NUYEN 250,000 NuYen SPELLS All available spells TEST DECK Best deck with all programs PICK SYSTEM Pick any mainframe HEAL ALL Heals character and any Shadowrunners +10 KARMA Gain 10 Karma points CONTACTS Gain all available contacts WALK FAST Gain 10 Karma while walking
First, go to the Club and ask the bartender for some Iced Tea, but do not drink it. Go to the angry patron and give him the tea. Talk to him and he will mention "Grinder". Ask him about Grinder to learn "Lone Star". Go to the fencer, who sells grenades, and ask about "Lone Star". You can now get the badge for 150.