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Join your favorite Sesame Street characters and friendly new monsters in a storybook adventure filled with discovery, learning and fun! Each chapter is full of life lessons, including friendship, sharing and teamwork. Kids can play alone, with each other or with Mom or Dad in this controller-free gaming experience. Features: - Fun Cooperative Experiences: Every activity is designed to be fun played by oneself, but even more fun with a family member or friend. Drop in/out co-operative gameplay is ideal for parent-child or child-sibling co-play. - Living Storybook Adventure: The game is a guided exploration of a living storybook where players help their monster friends with problems, all while interacting with enchanting and whimsical environments around them. - New and Familiar Characters: Players can interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters as well as make new monster friends as they progress in their adventures. - Broad Range of Games: A variety of entertaining and intuitive activities enable young kids to play easily with natural controller-free motions using Kinect for Xbox 360. - Active Gameplay: Players can engage in fun and physical activities such as monkey-see-monkey-do, playing instruments, flying, and running obstacle courses.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Review

When making an education-based game for kids, developers usually have to draw a pretty restrictive line.  They have to make sure that these children are learning something from their games, but as a result, they often sacrifice what makes it so entertaining to begin with.  We’ve seen this in countless examples over the years, including games for Wii, NES, Sega Genesis, and more.  You’d think someone would be able to cross that line and make something that feels like it can relate to kids and still find a way to be fun. And so we have.  Double Fine, the team behind such mature-themed content as Brutal Legend and the recently released XBLA game Trenched (now named Iron Brigade), has teamed up with Sesame Street – an unlikely partner... Read Review

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