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Yes, our man Sam is back in action, and in this new installment, Sam takes on an enemy called Mental. Seems Mental has devised ... er, ah, wait a minute ... This sounds all too familiar. Well, everything old is new again and a game that came out a long time ago has gotten a big-time facelift, and those lucky enough to get it on the 360 or PC will undoubtedly be very happy. To get everyone on... Read Review

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Akermans Arcade Asylum By Nick Akerman An overview of the some of the new offerings on the LIVE Marketplace and on PSN In the first of my bi-weekly c Read More

jkdmedia September 27, 2011 | Comments
Xbox Live Arcade Gets Serious This Wednesday

Xbox Live Arcade Gets Serious This Wednesday

Get ready to shove your finger directly on your 360 controller's right finger and not let up, as this Wednesday will mark the release of Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter on Xbox Live Arcade. The new FPS is a remake of the original Serious Sam, which featured intense shoot-everything-that-moves action, this time with better graphics! The title will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points, or $15 in non-Spacebucks terms. Read More

kombo January 12, 2010 | Comments
Serious Sam HD Heading to LIVE, Seriously!

Serious Sam HD Heading to LIVE, Seriously!

Serious Sam fans should be all kinds of excited for this! And what a creep-up announcement it is to boot... The original Serious Sam is getting an HD makeover, along with 4 player co-op, for Xbox LIVE. Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD is being developed by the original studio, Croteam. The title first came out in March of 2001 for the PC. This HD iteration is seeing light for the computer and LIVE. Seriously! also has it from Roman Ribaric, CEO of Croteam, that this version will make use of the Serious Engine 3. The title, according to Ribaric, represents and "internal" 10 year anniversary for Sam. The game will be released on LIVE later this summer for 1200 points. Make sure to check the gallery after the break for some fresh screenshots... Read More

kombo June 25, 2009 | Comments