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Originally released in 2001, Serious Sam won numerous accolades including Game of the Year on Gamespot and Editor's Choice on IGN. Developed on Croteam's proprietary Serious Engine 3; Serious Sam HD stays true to the source material, as our hero takes on Lord Mental's forces across a variety of battlegrounds set in various ancient civilisations. The gameplay remains as intense as ever and the humour intact, all this in glorious high definition!

Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD Review

Yes, our man Sam is back in action, and in this new installment, Sam takes on an enemy called Mental. Seems Mental has devised ... er, ah, wait a minute ... This sounds all too familiar. Well, everything old is new again and a game that came out a long time ago has gotten a big-time facelift, and those lucky enough to get it on the 360 or PC will undoubtedly be very happy. To get everyone on the same page (for the uninformed) Sam is one of the only human freedom fighters who were effective in battling an alien scourge after the discovery of long-dormant technology led humans to the far reaches of space. The aliens called MENTAL run their invasion a lot like a business, often employing other alien races to do their bidding in exchange for technology or money or even food. The... Read Review

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