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The XBox 360 version of the 2D scrolling shooter in the Serious Sam series.  

Serious Sam Double D XXL Review

If there's something left to be desired after playing Serious Sam Double D XXL, it's a delicious, juicy double bacon cheeseburger. Hell, I could probably even go for a triple or, like, some weird burrito-and-burger combination. The reason for this is due to the constant theme of stacking in Double D XXL. Throughout the entirety of this time-traveling adventure, you're frequently stacking guns to create a massive weapon of pure, unbridled chaos. You then use said weapon of mass destruction to create piles upon piles of lifeless enemies. It's a violent -- and downright delicious -- romp through ancient lands, and it's a bloody good time that will likely leave you hungry for more. You fill the blood-stained boots of Sam "Serious" Stone as his quest to... Read Review

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