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Sensible World of Soccer brings with it all the classic elements to a new generation of players. The game keeps all of the original touches that made it such a genre defining title, as well as introducing all-new optional enhancements to bring the game bang up to date. Sensible World of Soccer introduces players for the first time to all-new online multiplayer modes allowing players globally to take up the challenge and compete in intense online football matches in true Sensible Soccer style. The game also includes both original & updated custom graphics modes from the original designer of SWOS allowing players to experience the game in high definition.

Sensible World of Soccer Cheats

Free Player

Unlock PCXbox 360
Go to the transfers screen and offer to buy a team's first striker and substitute striker. Set the money to 0, and offer your main striker, in that order. If the other club accepts the bid, you will keep your main striker while acquiring the other team's main striker. This will work for any players of the same position.

Easy Goals

Unlock PCXbox 360
Line up to take a shot at the goal. As soon as the shot is made, press R key, then hold Fire. When the screen returns, the players will not move and the ball will not be saved.

Players Play Better

Unlock PCXbox 360
Typing Rebecca abraham when the game is loading at any point makes your players happy so thay play better, theyre faster and sronger

Change Opponents Formation

Unlock PCXbox 360
Edit opponent's formations Note: This may only be done in the 1996-1997 version of the game. Begin a match and play the first half. Do not press any keys before the statistics table appears. Then, press [Page Up] (if attacking to the up side) or [Page Down] (if moving in the opposite direction). Now press [Kick] to edit the opposing team's formations.