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  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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Sensible Soccer - MB Cheats

Slow Motion Mode

Unlock Playstation 3
Make a substitution during a match. Press [Esc] while the player is walking off, then quit the game. The next match played will be in slow motion. Make another substitution and allow it to complete the resume normal speed.

Tips And Tricks

Unlock Nintendo DS
Choose one of the following teams for the best all-round players: National: Holland or Germany Club: AC Milan Custom: Sensible x1 When selecting your squad don't bother with the star goalies or defenders because they don't make that much difference. Concentrate on building up a team of star forwards or mid-fielders - its speed that counts in the opposition's goal area and star forwards can easily outrun your opponent's defenders. The most effective formations are Attack and 3-5-2 so choose one of these. Goal scoring is easy if you've got your player into the right position. Hoof the ball from the halfway line to one of your players running down the pitch and get him to dribble it so that he is running directly at one of the posts. Kick the ball from the 18 yard line or just after it applying after-touch if you can - the goalie dives but the ball should fly straight past him.

Game Paramaters

Unlock PC
Press [F9] at any non match screen: This will open a screen that allows you to change various game paramaters. including speed, bounciness, gravity, goalie skill, and others.

Easy Victory

Unlock Xbox 360
When your match appears next on the fixtures screen, for example playing as England vs. Germany (CPU team), click on "Exit" instead of choosing "Next Match". Select "Friendly" from the main menu and select Germany as your team. Go to the team/formations screen and place all the star players from Germany on the bench, and switch their positions. Start to play the match, but quit as soon as it starts. Return to the league/cup games screen and select "View Opposition" (Germany). Your opponent's team still should be switched around.

Easy Goals

Unlock Xbox 360
Use the following trick to score off a corner every time. Kick the ball towards the goalie. When a forward gets hold of it, kick it across the goal opening and use the after touch to guide it into the net. If done correctly, the CPU will be fooled and will not defend correctly.