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Game Features: -Reduce Your Risk Of Being A Victim - The game will feature more than 30 real self-defense moves that are taught by real-life self-defense coaches with years of experience. -Become Confident In Your Abilities - Utilizing Kinect's superior tracking technology, the game will follow your movements and give you immediate feedback that make mastering self-defense moves more accessible to everyone. -Enhance Your Stamina- Stay physically fit with cardio exercises inspired by martial arts and kickboxing. -Stay Calm Under Stress - Learn how to stay calm under stressful situations with Tai Chi exercises. -Sharpen Your Reflexes - Inspired by boxing techniques, test your reflexes with a variety of fun mini-games that will keep you on your toes.

Self-Defense Training Camp Review

After several quality Kinect titles, Ubisoft is back at again with Self-Defense Training Camp. The controller-free peripheral has seen a wide variety of excerise-type titles, anywhere from yoga to UFC, but Self-Defense Training Camp seemed to offer an innovative experience unseen in titles like Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012. After anaylizing all the title had to offer, it was clear that it was a unique Kinect experience, though very different from my initial thoughts. Does Self-Defense Training Camp stack up well against its competition, or is simply a rushed poser? Well, Self-Defnse Training Camp, like other Kinect fitness titles, interests me due to the fact that it can only be done with the Kinect's capabilities. With a... Read Review

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