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Sega brings its dominant basketball lineage to the college hardwood with NCAA College Basketball 2K3. From tip-off at Midnight Madness to the net cutting in New Orleans, players compete for love of the game with the spirited band, lively cheerleaders, and rowdy students backing them. There are more than 300 Division I teams, an authentic rankings system that includes a weekly top 25 and bubble watch, classic and custom tournaments, and a comprehensive Legacy Mode. Show your school pride this winter.

SEGA Sports(tm) NCAA Review

Like most basketball fanatics, my loyalty towards this much-loved sport has led to season passes to Los Angeles Lakers games as well as an always watchful eye toward my alma mater (go Bruins!).  As a video game fanatic, though, I’m overcome with delight at the prospect of new basketball titles that--judging from this year’s excellent titles--just seem to be getting better and better.  Still, the lineup wasn’t complete without a college b-ball title worthy of a fan’s collection.  Well listen up, sports fans, Sega Sports has got a college basketball game for you--NCAA 2K3.  And to top it all off, it’s online too!    Fresh from its NBA 2K3 title, Sega Sports has improved its formula for making a basketball game... Read Review

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