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SEGA Bass Fishing - Feature

SEGA Bass Fishing

SEGA Bass Fishing Boxart

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Dreamcast Collection Lineup Announced...

  This morning, Sega released the lineup for its upcoming Xbox 360 and PC-exclusive Dreamcast Collection, and it's pretty much what the pessimists were expecting. Hit the jump for details on the games that made the cut. Read More


Rumor: Shenmue 1 & 2 Being Ported to the Wii?

Let's keep the ball rolling on Sega nostalgia-related news, shall we? (The studio's on a roll this week -- first the awesome Platinum Games announcements, now all these random tidbits). According to a poster on GameFAQs who has a hold on an early copy of Swedish gaming rag GameReactor, Sega is porting both episodes of the Dreamcast classic series Shenmue to Nintendo's console. The allegedly existent blurb reads: "Shenmue is back! Sega has re-released classics like Nights, Bass Fishing and House of the Dead lately. Now it's said that Shenmue is next. But don't think that it's about a new game, instead, they're bringing back the two original Shenmue games with extra Wiimote-minigames which will be released for the Wii." The Quick Time Events in Shenmue could certainly work with Wii controls, so this doesn't seem too far-fetched, but for now keep this in the rumor pile next to Dreamcast 2 and Diablo III. Read More