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The Xbox Live Arcade always receives an influx of heavily promoted titles at least once a year to instill awareness about Microsoft’s much-appreciated Xbox Live service. In 2008, the Summer of Arcade debuted with Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Castle Crashers, Braid and many others. In 2009, Microsoft brought back the same program with Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Trials HD, Shadow Complex and a... Read Review

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Sucks To Be You

Or some ways games remind you that you're a loser. I don't mind losing or dying in a game, as it teaches you not to do it again. You learn, you move on. Here are some ways, however, where developers are not so subtle. They remind you that it sucks to be you, very unprofessionally I might add. Read More


XBLA Block Party Titles Dated

Why can't summer get all the fun? Microsoft's Block Party event coming up in March will feature some of the company's most-anticipated downloadable games. Microsoft has now taken the time out to date these titles, including one of the most anticipated shooters of the year. The month kicks off with Toy Soldiers, the World War I-inspired tower-defense game, which releases March 3. Next up is Scrap Metal, the car combat racing game developed by Slick Entertainment, which releases March 10. But the big titles start up a week later on March 17, with the anticipated release of the XBLA port of Rare's classic N64 shooter, Perfect Dark. The month comes to an end with the release of Microsoft's Game Room hub on March 24, which will be free to download, but will charge for individual games. Read More


Release Dates, Pricing Revealed for March XBLA Releases

At yesterday's X10 event, Microsoft gave full disclosure on March's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Block Party, set for throughout the month of March. The company has now officially released the prices of these games as well. The month will feature the anticipated XBLA remake of Perfect Dark, launching at the very welcome price point of 800 MS Points (10 bucks). Other upcoming games include the World War I-inspired tower defense game Toy Soldiers, which releases for 1200 points. Car combat game Scrap Metal will release at 1200 points, and the mega-hyped Xbox Game Room will be free to download, at a variety of price points that have already been reported. As for release dates within the month, Microsoft did not release that info, so it looks like things will go week-by-week. Still, at 10 bucks and with online play, anyone who passes up Perfect Dark will answer to me. Read More