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The Darkness II Preview

Despite its flaws, I was a huge fan of The Darkness, an atmospheric and offbeat first-person shooter that combined odd moments of downtime with crazy Read More

Joe Donato Mar 14, 2011 | Comments
7 Possible Storylines for Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGS Spoiler Warning)

7 Possible Storylines for Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGS Spoiler Warning)

A couple of days ago, I wrote a short piece on why Metal Gear Solid 5 won't necessarily be a prequel. Today, however, I've decided to cruise down the opposite side of the road – to explain why, for all I know, I was completely, crushingly wrong, and then point out a few avenues a new MGS prequel could take. The Why Hideo Kojima is, more than likely, finally packing his bags and departing from the Metal Gear series, and MGS4 is his farewell embrace. He's off to work on some new game, and he's turning his old, nuke-decrying series over to the more experienced young blood on his team. Now, of course, Kojima isn't tossing his progenies out of the nest without securely attaching their parachutes first. I imagine he'll offer the team plenty of helpful advice ("No! Snake's Revenge 2?! Must you sully my name?") while they toil away on a new Metal Gear. But things will be different. Kojima won't be packing the Payton and co.'s lunches and walking them out to the bus every morning. So, Hideo's reached an impasse. How can he allow the Kojima-less side of Kojima Productions do their own thing, yet still drape them in a nice, warm safety blanket? Easy. A prequel. Its main plot points are already established, so with some sporadic assistance from the old Big Boss, there's no way Kojima's Angels will color outside of the lines. Jump past the break to see seven ways MGS5's world could turn. Read More

kombo Jun 30, 2008 | Comments