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Army of Two Originally a "Buddy Cop" Type of Game; 40th Day Responds to Fist-Bumping

Army of Two is a game which means different things to different people, EA Montreal's Alex Hutchnsion revealed to That VideoGame Blog. "Everyone at first kinda thought it was a Gears of War clone," he noted, "but I really don't think that it is. I think the reason it sold well is that the core fantasy is very strong, the idea of you and me against the world, you and your best friend." While similar to Epic's Xbox 360 blockbuster, it was the focus on cooperative gameplay which helped it to stand apart. "I don't have 40 friends to go on a raid with, or play a big online game with," Hutchnsion said. "But I have 1 best friend that plays the game and for me that intimate experience is really powerful. I thought they were brave to go after that in the first game." Read More


Media: Army of Two: The 40th Day at the Office

Many offices try to spice things up around the office by having competitions, Hawaiian shirt days or even Nerf gun battles. The folks at EA seem to have a different way of adding a little variety to the office. Not gonna lie, I don't know if I would fit in the elevator riding up with Salem and Rios with all of their combat gear on. On the flipside, I would love for those two hooligans to get me a red stapler. There isn't a solid release date yet for the game, but it is expected to come out sometime in December. Read More