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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell | The Musical

Jezebel, Satan, Kinzie and Gat let it go in this full blown musical number that gives a slight synopsis of the upcoming plot in this spin-off game.

Saints Row 4 | Hey Ash Whatcha Playing DLC Trailer

For the massive price of $1.99 you can add Ash, Anthony, and Papa Burch as homies in Saints Row IV from the web-series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing? Here is the ...

Saints Row 4 | From the White House to the Countryside

Deep Silver and Volition release two new content packs for the critically acclaimed Saints Row IV this week -- Presidential Pack and the Grass Roots Pack.

Saints Row 4 | Presidential Inauguration Station

Create your custom president now and import it into Saints Row 4 when the game releases on August 20.

Saints Row 4 | 'Love Song' Dev Diary #1

Get an exclusive "behind the scenes" look into the studio of developer Volition and watch Jim Boone, Senior Producer, Steve Jaros, Creative Director and Chri...

Saints Row IV - Hail to the Chief #4: The President Can

The fourth and final "Hail to the Chief" trailer for Saints Row 4 shows off the game's bowling Bounce Rifle.

Saints Row 4 | Hail to the Chief #2 'Animal Protection Act'

The second Hail to The Chief video shows the President enacting the Animal Protection Act with the Stomp superpower - in a gigantic game of cat and mouse!

Saints Row 4 | Johnny Gat is back

Johnny Gat returns in Saints Row 4. See him in his birthday suit glory.

Saints Row 4 | War for Humanity trailer

Take a slightly more serious look at the upcoming Saints Row 4 and its wonderful cast of over the top characters, and some returning, familiar faces.

Saints Row 4 | Hail to the Chief #1: Saints Force One

This first video, "Airplane", grandly shows off the Telekinesis super power in Saints Row IV and how the President can use it to vanquish his alien foes.

Saints Row 4 | PAX Demo walkthrough

In the upcoming Saints Row IV for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, not only will you greet your citizens as President of the USA with friendly... punches, but...

Saints Row 4 | Super Power Trailers

An all-new in-game footage for the upcoming Saints Row IV for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC platforms. As the President of the United States of ‘Merica, you...

The Recap - 03/15/13 'Saints Row 4 spectacular and Wii U news a-plenty'

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the days biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games. The wildest shots...

Saints Row 4 | Debut Teaser

Saints Row is back b*tches!! In Saints Row IV, the head honcho of the Saints has been elected to the Presidency of the United States. But the Saints are jus...