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Analyst: Saint's Row 2's GTA-Bashing "Pompous"

Analyst: Saint's Row 2's GTA-Bashing "Pompous"

Time for a trip into the cutthroat world of advertising. Remember the Saint's Row 2 trailer we brought to your attention a few days ago? No? The one with the robberies and car stealing? How about the sewage-spewing truck? Remember now? Well, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey doesn't approve of that trailer one bit, and probably resents me for drawing a few more eyeballs to its little show. Why does he feel this way? Because the trailer doesn't accurately represent Saint's Row 2's chances in a landscape dominated by car-jackin' king GTA IV. "The trailer directly attacks Grand Theft Auto IV in game content, an unusually pompous position in our view, considering GTA IV is estimated to be the highest grossing 1st week entertainment release of all time - and is currently the highest quality scored game on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 according to," Hickey said in a recent analyst note. Give respect where respect is due, eh? Hickey continued: "We remain conservative on our sales expectations for Saint's Row 2, in light of mediocre game previews and a delayed release in-part from quality concerns." Ouch. Hickey has a few valid concerns, but to THQ's credit, who else has challenged GTA IV? The Saint's Row 2 trailer poked fun at legitimate problems within GTA's sprawling metropolis, and if THQ and Volition can churn out an engrossing open-world gangster tale sans GTA's issues, then more power to them. But Hickey's no sunshine-in-his-heart game previewer; he's an analyst who's just doing his job, and the truth hurts -- especially when it's so cold that an ambulance is likely on its way to rescue your poor, stuck tongue from a nearby pole. Here's hoping THQ and Volition can turn things around and make 2008 a one-two punch of open-world goodness. Read More