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  • Available on Wii
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  • Publisher(s): Nibris
  • Release Date(s): Jan 01, 1980
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Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor was inevitable. With the unrivaled success of Modern Warfare it was apparent that other publishers weren't going to let the latest money-printing-fad in first-person shooter games pass them by without taking a crack at it. Medal of Honorattempts to set its self apart as the serious and realistic alternative to the bombastic military-fiction of Activision's games. It is set in the real-world war of Afghanistan and emphasizes a respect for the troops. It isn't entirely successful; the single-player campaign is short and the consequences do not feel as impactful as they were intended to be. On the other end of the disc, the multiplayer is fun, but very familiar. Read More


Ivy the Kiwi Review

The name Yuji Naka won’t raise too many eyebrows, but Sonic the Hedgehog will. Naka is most famous for being the “father of Sonic,” but has contributed to many of Sega’s beloved franchises. After breaking away from Sega in 2006, he formed his own studio called Prope. Ivy the Kiwi? their latest effort and it combines profoundly simple, elegant gameplay with visuals that will warm the heart of any Ebenezer Scrooge. The game is presented as a story book. It might seem a bit odd since the entire game is rather light on story. There is the initial set-up, but from that point on Ivy the Kiwi? (the question mark is because she isn’t sure if she is actually a kiwi) resembles more of a wonderfully illustrated picture book. The visuals are arrestingly gorgeous as it looks like Ivy and the whimsical world in which she lives springs to life with a sincere innocence. The muted tones of the color palette shade Ivy the Kiwi? with a omnipresent sadness that permeates throughout the game since the tiny heroine is an orphan looking for her mama. Remarkably, this story is mostly told without words. Read More

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Top Ten Unlikely Heroes

Not all heroes carry the biggest guns or have the smoothest moves. They don’t always have chiseled jaws, perfectly proportioned busts, or massive b Read More


The Last Guardian Remains a Secret

Despite a recent attempt by gaming outlet Andriasang to unravel some of the mysteries behind Team Ico's The Last Guardian, director Fumito Ueda continues to be tight-lipped about the PlayStation 3's spiritual successor to both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Ueda said the team is getting close to announcing a time frame for release, but couldn't say whether or not the news would happen as early as E3. What's known so far about The Last Guardian is that players will control a young boy and that the game is centered around a large, eagle-like creature. In previous interviews, Ueda said that team is working extra hard to make the creature as lifelike as possible. If the game is anything like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, players can expect an artistic game like none they've ever seen. I just hope it doesn't end up turning into the Neverending Story. I'm not sure I can see another faithful companion die slowly in the Swamp of Sadness. Read More


Virtual ON Fan Proves Necessity is the Mother of Invention

It was with great elation that we revealed that SEGA would be releasing Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram Ver.5.66 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, as it was with great sadness that we realized the game could not be played in the "true, proper" way, using dual-joysticks as per the arcade. Of course, it seems there are discussions taking place regarding such a release, but nothing concrete yet. And that simply wasn't good enough for one fan, who decided to take matters into his own hands: Ingenius, or insane? You be the judge, as you look over this Frankensteined contraption created by one Japanese gamer with the aid of some arcade pushbuttons, copper wire, and candy boxes. While it's hardly elegant, I suppose the true test comes when we see who stands victorious in matches against this enthusiast. Read More