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Sacred 3 Review

As the name suggests, Sacred 3 is the third game in the franchise. While this was my first Sacred game, I understand how this one has deviated down a different path from the previous two. But I'm not here to dwell on the past, but focus on the now. Choose a character, take up arms, fight against the evil Ashen Empire, and protect the ancient artifact the Heart of Ancaria. You know, do all the hero stuff. The game takes a humorous approach to, well, everything.  Every bit of dialogue is designed to entertain. Sure, at times it will be super corny, but that’s part of the charm. The game does over-the-top well, and not in an accidental sort of way. Sacred 3 definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, goes for fun, and pulls it off. The art design is... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Sacred 3.