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Rune Factory 4 Details

An amnesiac protagonist, relationships, adventuring, and farming. If you've played Rune Factory before, then it probably sounds all too familiar. Det Read More


Natsume Exhibiting Farming, Animals, Pretty Girls At Anime Expo

The Anime Expo is taking place in LA this week. Natsume are taking a selection of their upcoming family-friendly Nintendo DS titles for 2010 for gamers to try out. These include Rune Factory 3, Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar, Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals and Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove. Find out more after the break. Read More


Deadly Creatures Designer Says "Buy Our Game, or Its Back to Mini-Games"

"Are you threatening me?" That may be the first knee-jerk reaction some gamers may have as Jordan Itkowitz, Lead Designer of Rainbow Studios' Deadly Creatures tells MTV Multiplayer that "hardcore games need to sell on the Wii, or else it's back to making mini-games." Of course, it makes only too much sense, and it looks like 2009 could be the year for the Wii owners who still want a hardcore experience to put up, or shut up. Read More


Nintendo's Full Q1 Line-up for the UK

Earlier today, we brought you word of how you could put your Miis on your DS with a new title called "Walk with Me," rather than "Walk with Mii" for some reason. Go figure. In any case, that's only half the story; Nintendo has released their line-up for the first quarter of 2009... or at least, Nintendo UK has. Odds are, a lot of releases will be in close proximity to the NA releases, though, so it can be useful info to us here, anyway. Read More