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Rotastic is an addictive 2D arcade/puzzle game developed by Dancing Dots and published by Focus Home Interactive, coming soon to Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation® Network and PC. Offering accessible, innovative gameplay and a huge dose of fun, Rotastic does not take itself too seriously. Discover Rotastic today with the very first images of the game. Players can also visit the official website for gameplay information, exclusive images, the official forums and more!

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A lot of game designers need to realize that having a “hook” that brings gamers in is just part of the battle.  Gameplay innovation is nice to have, but replayability is equally important.  The “hook” can only last so long before tedium sets in and leaves players reaching for something else.  That’s precisely what happens with Rotastic, Dancing Dots’ puzzle game for Xbox Live Arcade.  It’s got the hook that looks innovative enough at first, but after a few minutes in, you realize just how unfair the game is due to the lack of evolution in gameplay.  As a result, it’s hardly anything that ends in Tastic. Here’s how it works.  You play as a Viking – or any other characters that you unlock over... Read Review

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