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RONIN Review

Tomasz Waclawek's stylish turn-based action platformer, RONIN, is one of the more unique gaming experiences I've come across in a while.  As a life long fan of turn-based combat from playing RPG's, I was immediately intrigued to see how this game adapted those mechanics with platforming and action game conventions.  The result is a very difficult but satisfying game that makes you think, and re-think your every move. The game consists of 18 levels, broken up into 5 chapters, all consisting of the same progression in objectives.  The first two levels in each chapter are pretty much the same, hack a certain number of computer terminals to determine the location of the next boss while the the third level is the actual boss encounter.  The hacking... Read Review

  • RONIN Review

    RONIN Review

    Daniel R. Miller Jun 30, 2015