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Rogue Warrior is a character-driven, first-person-shooter, featuring Richard

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Dick Marcinko is the type of man who chews nails instead of bubble gum and thinks that taking a stroll into a fortified enemy stronghold filled with armed terrorists is like a nice holiday getaway. He’s the type of Special Forces operative that will take on any mission but disregards his superiors’ orders when they don’t suit his liking. His is the real-life model for Rogue Warrior for the Xbox 360 … a first-person shooter that lacks everything we love about the genre.   In 1986, Dick “Shark Man of the Delta” Marcinko as well as two other special operatives are dropped into enemy territory in Northern Korea looking for a double agent passing Intel from the inside as well as locating and destroying a series of missiles. When a grenade kills... Read Review

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    Rogue Warrior - 360 - Review

    jkdmedia Dec 12, 2009