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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Setlist Revealed

  Ready to rock? Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock certainly is. Activision released the full list of tracks available on the disc today. Featuring "more than" 90 tracks (93, fact fans), the game is, as many people have said, a return to form for the series. "We engaged our fans to find out what they really wanted and then hand-picked over 90 tracks that deliver the ultimate rock experience," said Tim Riley, Vice President of Music Affairs for Guitar Hero and holder of the Longest Job Title in the World. "From the new guitar controller to the gameplay to the on-disc set list, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is truly a return to rock." Full details of the setlist after the jump. Read More


Nintendo Download - 8.10.09: Big Names and Brilliant Games Make for a Must-See Downloadable Lineup

Ah, now here we go. After a brief panic over Nintendo "abandoning" the Virtual Console, they came back with a decent offering last week (I'm no football fan, but even I can appreciate offering Tecmo Bowl), and they've upped the ante this week in a pretty big way. Enough so that their Virtual Console game of the week has its own press release. 800 Wii Points nets one Super Star Wars for the Super NES. Seriously, what more needs to be said? DSiWare is ready to work your brain with Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, and at a surprising 800 DSi Points at that. I'm guessing this is no bite-sized edition. Finally, WiiWare is rockin' with the peculiar Balance Board game Nintendo showed off at GDC this year, Rock N' Roll Climber, at 800 Wii Points. In addition, there's NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, aka "Don't Say I'm Icarian, Kid" for 1,000 Wii Points. Details for each can be found in the press releases after the cut. Read More


EA Reveals Upcoming Statue of Brütal Legend's Eddie Riggs

Brütal Legend is looking good, and will be among us this Rocktober-- that is, assuming that someone doesn't succeed in trying to ruin things for everyone. Nonetheless, EA is moving forward with their plans, and they have something special planned for fans: A statue of protagonist Eddie Riggs. "Coming in at over 17 inches in height," they reveal, "this display of pure Metal power was lovingly sculpted by Mark Newman and painted by Tom Vukmanic and features Eddie a getting ready to slay some druids with The Separator while his beloved Clementine rests safely on his back." "With only 1,000 pieces available worldwide, be sure to keep an eye on the official Brutal Legend website: and the Brutal Legend Twitter feed @brutallegend for your chance to win one of these badass figures." It's a sweet-looking piece, and you can see several shots of it after the cut. Read More


FaceBreaker K.O. Party Will Lack Character Customization

One would have to admit that it's just a little bit ironic that the Wii, a system pretty well known for it's character customization features (Miis) would see such a feature removed from its own version of Facebreaker K.O. Party, one which is retained in the versions available for rival consoles. That was one of our Top 10 features on the Hit List from Day 1, especially since the PS3/360 versions of FaceBreaker have a rockin' character customization feature with Photo Game Face, but alas we had to drop it. I know..I know..I've read it on other boards. The Devs are lazy, and we're lame, and were …not smart. BUT… Really what it came down to was since we were building this thing from the ground up, something had to give. If we had bitten off more than we could chew it would've meant a drop in overall quality all across the board and that was something we were not prepared to do. For FaceBreaker K.O. Party 1, we set out to nail 2 things. #1 - Motion controls (Responsive, intuitive, satisfying) #2 - Multiplayer (2 Exculsive "Get off your couch and duke it out" game modes) Bottom line, if we didn't nail these 2 things…there won't be a FaceBreaker K.O. Party 2…and we depserately want to make a sequel. Especially since we had to cut my 2 favortie characters Also, my rug was stolen. -- Trey Smith, Lead Producer So, are motion controls enough to make up for the loss of character customization? Or are you going to go with another version and keep your ass on the couch while having Hitler and Paris Hilton beat each other senseless? Read More


Carve - XB - Review

While never at the top of the charts, publishers always find a reason to pump out water racers. Global Star Software and Argonaut Games decided to fo Read More