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Return of the Dance!

With my feet placed firmly on the metallic, several thousand dollar dance mat, I hit “Start” with confidence. The only problem was that this was Read More

Louis Bedigian Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Def Jam Rapstar review

Konami's sing-along games haven't exactly been the greatest as of late. Karaoke Revolution left a lot to be desired (particularly the American Idol e Read More

Robert Workman Oct 13, 2010 | Comments
DJ Hero 2 Preview: Part 1

DJ Hero 2 Preview: Part 1

When the first Guitar Hero was released, I doubt anyone expected it to be the huge hit it became. It garnered mainstream attention for a genre that could previously only be found in an arcade, and started a music game revolution with its incredible popularity. Now it's hard to find a household that doesn't have more plastic instruments then real ones, and it can all be attributed to the feeling experienced when rocking out. It gave people with no musical talents a chance to act and feel like a rock star by "playing" an instrument, albeit with a much simpler learning curve. However as time has passed, so too has the magic once felt when picking up that plastic instrument to bang out a couple songs. Those who picked up the original DJ Hero however were treated to some of that magic once again, as the game was a fresh take on the music genre with a style that many people aren't familiar with. It was a fairly complete game in itself, so the question isn't really whether it'll be good or not, but whether or not it has improved enough to warrant another buy when the rest of the music genre is becoming stale. Read More

kombo Sep 27, 2010 | Comments
Top 10 Surprising Facts About Japanese Arcades

Top 10 Surprising Facts About Japanese Arcades

Japan. For some gamers, it is considered a "rakuen", a paradise, the promised land. For others, it is the bane of the industry itself. One thing, however, is most definitely clear. Like it or hate it, Japan is responsible for keeping the arcade industry alive, long after it died out in other parts of the world. Today's list represents a few little-known, surprising, or unexpected facts regarding Japan's arcades. Of course, before any list like this, a disclaimer: I have spent a great deal of time in Japan and have frequented several different types of arcades - however, this list is taken from my personal experiences and opinions, and as with many of these lists, your mileage may vary. That said, on to the list! Read More

kombo Sep 20, 2010 | Comments