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Rock Band Blitz brings the excitement of a full band experience right into your hands! Music gaming pioneers Harmonix have introduced an all-new way to experience your favorite Rock Band songs with an over the top, addictive, controller-based gameplay experience – no instrument peripherals needed!

Rock Band Blitz Review

While the yearly installments of Rock Band and Guitar Hero have all but died out, the music genre still thrives. It's apparent that games like Sound Shapes, are constantly trying to innovate the music genre, albeit without plastic instruments. Before the crazy amount of peripherals started occupying our living rooms, Harmonix had two games on the PlayStation 2, Frequency and Amplitude, that allowed players to get creative with playing songs, while trying to shoot for high scores. It seems like Harmonix is definitely trying to go back to its roots with Rock Band Blitz, since in this Rock Band, your plastic instruments can continue to collect dust in your closet. Rock Band Blitz isn't as much about playing music from various bands, but rather learn them, their note highways... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Rock Band Blitz.