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Rock Band 4 offers the unique social play of a full band experience—featuring a next-gen microphone, wireless drums and guitar, a revamped world tour campaign mode, and new immersive ways to keep the party going with friends and family.

Rock Band 4 Review

It almost feels like 2007 again, when Rock Band was a newcomer and offered the first true, full band experience, while Guitar Hero stuck to its guns for the next year, until giving in and doing the same. It's 2015 though, and Rock Band 4 is hitting store shelves, once again being the only full band experience while Guitar Hero is going back to its roots with a focus on just guitars. The question is, was the world ready for another rhythm game revolution? Rock Band 4 is once again all about you forming the best cover band known to man, creating your caricatured band of misfits, and traveling the world in pursuit of fame and money. This time though, you have a say in your band's destiny. Will you choose to buy a van to help you with traveling to different venues, or do you... Read Review

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