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An action game starring Ristar, the child of a shooting star. Use his powers to grab everything around him to blow up monsters and find the truth about his origin.

Ristar Cheats

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Unlock Wii
Enter AGES as a password.
Enter XXXXXX as a password.

Boss mode

Unlock Wii
Enter MUSEUM as a password.
Enter HETAP as a password.

Reveal items

Unlock Wii
Enter MIEMIE as a password. A silver star will appear during the game in locations where you can collect a bonus life, gold star, or treasure.

Configuration mode

Unlock Wii
Enter MAGURO as a password.

Time attack mode

Unlock Wii
Enter DOFEEL as a password.

Expert mode

Unlock Wii
Enter SUPER or SUPERB as a password.

Level select

Unlock Wii
Enter ILOVEU as a password.

Hidden Goodies

Unlock Playstation 2Wii
On Planet Flora, There are life stars in the holes. To get them, go up to the cliff, above the hole, and fall, excect fall a little closer to the wall, so close that your in the wall a little. Make sure there aren't any enemies around like Orblets and go for it! On Planet Automation, Area 2, there are 1-ups and other stuff. In the section with the Mommy Orblets(I geuss that's what there called, They Throw those Eletric Orblets at you.), Headbutt them and fall in the hole and grab the little 1-up. In the last section of the level, there is a little gap at the top. First Destroy the rhino, and then climb up there. When you get to the top, there are some Mommy Orblets. Destroy them, and fall in the hole. There is a Tri-Life Star, Super star, Yellow Diamond, and a 1-up. Grab all of them! But watch out for some Mommy Orblets. In Planet Freon, Area 2, There is a 1-up when you enter the tower, but it's trapped at the top, so, go thru the level as you would do usually, except at the end, when you get on the star handle, go the other way, go back to the tower, and get on top. When you get on top, walk to the beginning until you find the hidden 1-up. You may have lost your Height Bonus But it's worth it! On Planet Sonata, When you give all the metromones to the birds, on the 4th one, when you here the drums, wait for a while, pretty soon you'll be hearing a very familiar theme, does the word Mary comes to mind?

Spinning Star Attack

Unlock Nintendo DSWii
When on a horizontal ladder, press button 1. You will temporarily push off of the rung you were holding onto, and you will start spinning around killing everything in your path.


Unlock PCWii
Planet Terra JYUN Planet Sonata MITO Planet Freon KAKO Planet Automation MIHOU Planet Greedy RYUJYU