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With Risen, Piranha Bytes introduces a fresh, new setting. The game

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Released on the PC last year, Risen was a hidden gem, a solid RPG with some great features and a pleasant surprise. While the story was pretty generic for the genre, Risen did have solid mechanics, a long and involving campaign, and a great world to explore. Now the game is making its way to the Xbox 360. The port of the game cuts a few corners from a technological standpoint and doesn’t look nearly as good as its PC counterpart. However, the controls work pretty well and the overall experience has streamlined for consoles, making for a solid, if flawed, RPG. Risen takes place on the island of Faranga, a lush, volcanic island with a variety of wild creatures and human settlements. Ancient ruins have begun to pop up around the island, exposing a connected network of tunnels and... Read Review

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