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This generation has spawned some surprisingly decent games based on family films. The Lego games are the best examples, but Toy Story 3 and Rango both prove that a kid-oriented game can be more than a quick profit. These games hearken back to the 16-bit era, when some of the best games came from Disney movies. Those were better times for licensed games, and Rio is evidence--a game that's largely inoffensive but brings nothing new to the table.The very definition of a mini-game collection, Rio offers little more than a pile of quick events for up to four players. The several modes are all just different ways of presenting the same concepts in a gauntlet of about forty mini-games.The one saving grace of Rio, which may make it worthwhile for some, is that the mini-games are actually... Read Review

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    Rio Review

    Joe Donato Apr 26, 2011